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Photo by Hugh Shipman.

Education and Training

Citizens Guide to Shorelines Master Programs - Get involved in charting the future of Washington’s shorelines.

Coastal Training Program -A coordinated effort between several agencies to provide practical, science-based training to professionals who make decisions about coastal management in Washington State. The program is administered through the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve which is part of the Department of Ecology and NOAA.

Green Shorelines -Green Shorelines use vegetation and natural materials to reduce negative impacts on nearshore habitat for plants, fish, and wildlife, while protecting property.  Historically, hard engineering fixes such as bulkheads have been used to protect property.  Tips and tools for property owners are provided, including shoreline armoring, green shore examples, choosing a design, and incentives.

Learn about Washington's Outer Coast – Explore the sights (beaches, animals, and plants) and hazards (erosion, waves, and storms) of Washington’s Outer Coast.

SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) Workshops

Padilla Bay Reserve - A cooperative program of Ecology and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Padilla Bay is "reserved" for research and education about Puget Sound.

Property Owner Guides - Information to help property owners that have wetlands on their property or those concerned with bluff erosion and vegetation management, as well as drainage options for surface and ground water.

Teacher Resources - Publications for teachers including k-12 curriculum for wetlands and estuaries.

  • Discover Wetlands - A Curriculum Guide for grades K-12.
  • Padilla Bay Curriculum - The Padilla Bay Curriculum is available at three grade levels: K-3 (Level I), 4-8 (Level II), and high school (Level III). They're intended to compliment a visit to Padilla Bay, but are also appropriate for students studying estuaries anywhere in Washington State.
  • Where Rivers Meet the Sea - A guide to Washington's Estuaries Poster.
  • Wetlands are Home - A Guide to Washington's Wetlands Poster