The SEPA Handbook provides detailed guidance on the State Environmental Policy Act. The on-line version of the SEPA Handbook contains the same text as the 1998 printed edition with the 2003 Updates incorporated as a whole, yet organized for easy access on the web. Links to reference documents are included in the on-line version.

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This on-line version contains the 2003 updates. The Handbook is also available in PDF format.

In the SEPA Handbook, we have provided explanations of the purpose and importance of each step in the SEPA process, and tips on how to best complete them.

The SEPA Handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with the State Environmental Policy Act (Chapter 43.21C RCW) and the SEPA Rules (Chapter 197-11 WAC). Should a conflict be found at any time between the guidance in this handbook and either the SEPA Rules or the RCW, it should be understood that this handbook is intended as guidance only, and does not have the legal standing of the RCW or the Rule.

2003 Handbook Update (pdf) - This update packet is designed to incorporate into your existing 1998 SEPA Handbook.

For general questions or comments concerning SEPA, please e-mail the or call (360) 407-6922.