State Environmental Policy Act Handbook


Washington State Department of Ecology
Publication # 98-114

September 1998

Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program
Gordon White, Program Manager

Editor: Rebecca Inman, Ecology

Development Team: Neil Aaland - Ecology, Heather Ballash - CTED, Patty Betts - Ecology, Rebecca Inman - Ecology, Elizabeth Phinney, - Ecology, Peter Riley - CTED, Barbara Ritchie - Ecology, Marv Vialle - Ecology

Logo: Tim Schlender, Ecology

Special thanks to the people who donated their time to review and provide comment on one or more drafts of this publication.

Stuart Campbell, Dave Dietzman, Paula Ehlers, Kathy Gerla, Joanie Polayes, Barbara Questad, Heidi Renz, Kari Rokstad, Katherine Rose, Todd Stamm, Jim Thornton, Dave Williams

Abstract: This volume's focus is to provide guidance on the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). Included: Discussion of the history and purpose of SEPA; information on its relationship with other associated environmental laws; explanations of the purpose and importance of each step in the SEPA process, and tips on how to best complete them.

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