Nonproject Initiative

Ecology has halted rulemaking efforts to revise the SEPA nonproject review process and form.  

The Nonproject Initiative is an endeavor to revise the approach used to review nonproject actions (plans, policies, and regulations). Ecology intends to amend the SEPA Rules, (Chapter 197-11 WAC) to require an approach that integrates environmental values into nonproject actions that direct, encourage, or enable future "on the ground" activities.

Background and Overview Materials

Formal Pilot Projects

To ensure the practicability of conducting SEPA using the Nonproject Review Form (NPRF), local and state agencies have volunteered to serve as pilots. Five pilots are underway using the new process and form. The pilots represent a cross section of non-project actions. This site will be updated periodically to include the results of these pilots. The pilots are:

Agency and Planning Effort Word Format PDF format
Adams County - Comprehensive Plan Update and Rezone Map (interim iteration)

City of Lynnwood - Five Year Review and Update of Comprehensive Plan (final iteration)

City of Sultan - Industrial Park Master Plan (interim iteration)
Department of Ecology - Amending State Flood Plan Management Rules (interim iteration)
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Informal Pilot Projects

Links to information on informal pilot projects using Nonproject Review Form


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