Revising the Environmental Checklist For Project Actions

Rulemaking efforts to revise the Environmental Checklist (WAC 197-11-960) for project actions have been halted. While Ecology will not be proceeding with rulemaking, a guidance document on completing the current checklist will be prepared.

Draft materials below were made available for review by the checklist advisory committee and public. The checklist advisory committee provided comments on the draft versions of the environmental checklist for project actions and companion guidance documents. Ecology worked with volunteers to test draft versions of the checklist. The versions tested and a report on testing are linked below.

The checklist is used to collect environmental information about a project and to analyze the environmental impacts prior to the permitting of the project.

Draft Project Review Form (Environmental Checklist) Versions

Checklist or Guidance Draft Version


Draft Environmental Checklist - Version 4a
Guidance for Draft Version 4a
Draft Environmental Checklist - Version 4b
Guidance for Draft Version 4b
Draft Environmental Checklist - Version 5
Guidance for Draft Version 5
Current (as of 2000) Environmental Checklist from SEPA Rules (WAC 197-11-960)

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Testing the Draft Project Review Form 

The draft project checklist versions in the table above were tested with the help of volunteer applicants and local government. The results of the testing are presented in the report linked below





Project Checklist Testing Report (Draft)  

Environmental Checklist Advisory Committee


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