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Improving Shoreline Management Report

Prepared by: Jim Kramer, Carol Mallory, and Margaret Clancy
Prepared for: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Published: June 2010

The Department of Ecology is working diligently with local governments across the state to update Shoreline Master Programs. This report, funded by and prepared for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, summarizes conclusions of independent researchers on the successes and challenges that the state, local governments and other stakeholders are encountering in the update process, and recommendations for improvement.

Executive Summary (35 KB, PDF)

Full Report (85 KB, PDF)

Appendix 1: White Paper Description of Issues (43 KB, PDF)

Appendix 2: Summary of Written Comments, Online Survey, and Conversations (35 KB, PDF)

Appendix 3: Complete Set of Comment Submittals (8 MB, PDF)

Appendix 4: Survey Results (527 KB, PDF)

Appendix 5: Consultant Biographies (122 KB, PDF)

Ecology Response to Report (135 KB, PDF)

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