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Shoreline Master Programs

Shoreline Master Programs: Limited Amendments

Shoreline Master Programs are the local mechanism for carrying out the voter-approved Shoreline Management Act. In addition to the required comprehensive updates currently underway, local governments may periodically amend their shoreline programs when there is a change in law, zoning or other local conditions (WAC 173-26-090). Citizens have a right to be involved in making changes to local shoreline programs (WAC 173-26-100).

Ecology holds public comment periods on amendments and invites public comment.

Learn more by visiting the webpage for your town, city or county.  If your local government isn’t listed, there is not an amendment underway at this time.

Provide comments to Ecology on changes to my SMP

Completed limited amendments

Listed below are amendments for shoreline programs that have gone through a comprehensive update. MORE: List of amendments 1971-2013


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