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Mason County Shoreline Master Program: Comprehensive Update

On September 18, 2017, we approved Mason County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) comprehensive update. Per RCW 90.58.090, the effective date of Mason County’s shoreline program is October 2, 2017, 14 days after we provided notice to Mason County that their shoreline program was approved.

The comprehensive update revises the existing shoreline program, including the goals, policies, regulations, shoreline environment designations, and administrative procedures and definitions. This approval puts the final stamp on a significant effort that increases protection and restoration of habitat and water quality, provides more certainty for development, and improves public access and recreational opportunities.

On August 29, 2017, required and recommended changes were provided to Mason County on their proposed comprehensive update of their Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

The changes are based on our review of whether or not the proposed update complies with state laws and rules, and a public comment period held May 22, 2017 – July 14, 2017.

We received a total of 22 individual comments from 2 organizations, 2 state agencies, 1 federal agency, and 17 individual citizens. Comments focused on a wide variety of topics including commercial development, shoreline environment designations and critical areas protections.  On August 16, 2017 Ecology sent a summary of comments to the County for their response. The public comments and County’s responses have been incorporated into a Responsiveness Summary.

Documents related to approval

Note: All documents are PDF.

paper copies of the above documents are available by contacting Rick Mraz, Washington Department of Ecology (see Staff contact, below).


  • Per RCW 90.58.190(2) and RCW 36.70A.290, an interested party may file an appeal with the Growth Management Hearings Board within 60 days of the publication date of Ecology’s written notice of final action.
  • We plan to publish the notice of final action in the Shelton-Mason Journal legal ads on October 5, 2017.

Staff Contact

Rick Mraz
Washington State Department of Ecology
Southwest Regional Office
PO Box 47775
Olympia, Washington 98504-7600

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