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Omak Shoreline Master Program: Comprehensive Update

On June 20, 2017, the Department of Ecology approved the City of Omak Shoreline Master Program (SMP) comprehensive update. Per RCW 90.58.090, the effective date of the Omak shoreline program is July 4, 2017, 14 days after Ecology provided notice to the City that their shoreline program was approved.

The proposed amendment is needed to comply with the statutory deadline for a comprehensive update of the City’s local Shoreline Master Program pursuant to RCW 90.58.080 and 100. This amendment is also needed for compliance with the planning and procedural requirements of the SMP Guidelines contained in WAC 173-26 and 27. The current SMP was approved by Ecology in 1991. The 1991 SMP has never been comprehensively updated since that date. The city began updating its shoreline master program in 2006 to align it with new state rules and current shoreline conditions.

This comprehensive SMP update will entirely replace the City’s existing SMP. The updated SMP will regulate development along the City’s shoreline which encompasses land within 200’ of the ordinary high water mark of the Okanogan River, and all associated wetlands. The proposed SMP contains locally tailored shoreline management policies, regulations, environmental designations, and administrative provisions that have been updated to reflect changes that have occurred since the 1991 SMP update.

Omak’s SMP establishes a system of six shoreline environmental designations for all shoreline areas within the incorporated areas and adopted Urban Growth Area. The system was derived from the State’s recommended classification system and has been tailored to reflect local conditions and serve local interests.

The Department of Ecology held a public comment period for the Omak SMP from February 8 to March 10, 2017. Ecology used mail and email to notify those who had expressed prior interest. Ecology received one comment from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Their comment noted that they strongly support the Aquatic shoreline designation.    

Documents related to approval

Note: All documents are PDF

Paper copies of the above documents are available by contacting Lennard Jordan, Washington Department of Ecology (see Staff contact,below).


  • Per RCW 90.58.190(2) and RCW 36.70A.290, an interested party may file an appeal with the Shoreline Hearings Board within 30 days of the publication date of Ecology’s written notice of final action.
  • Ecology plans to publish the notice of final action in the Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle legal ads on July 19, 2017.

Staff contact

Washington State Department of Ecology
Central Regional Office
1250 West Alder Street
Union Gap, Washington 98504-7775
Staff contact: Lennard Jordan
Phone: 509-457-7125

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