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Shoreline Master Programs

Special Topics

Green Shorelines

Green Shorelines use vegetation and natural materials to reduce negative impacts on nearshore habitat for plants, fish, and wildlife, while protecting property.  Historically, hard engineering fixes such as bulkheads have been used to protect property.  Read more about green shorelines in a brochure created by city of Seattle entitled:  Green Shorelines: Bulkhead Alternatives for a Healthier Lake Washington (PDF).
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Improving Shoreline Management Report

Ecology is working with local governments across the state to update Shoreline Master Programs. This report summarizes the results of independent research on successes and challenges of the update process, and makes recommendations for improvement.
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Ecology is one of several state and federal agencies that have a policy and regulatory role in aquaculture. We issue water quality permits and approve local shoreline master programs. We work with a variety of stakeholders to protect and restore aquatic habitats, and plan for this water-dependent use alongside other shoreline uses.
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