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Shoreline Master Programs

Shoreline Master Program: Comprehensive Update Planning Guide

This step-by-step guide assists shoreline planners in comprehensively updating a shoreline master program. Planners can start at Phase 1 or with a specific task. Included is basic information and links to rule and law citations, handbook chapters, technical documents, local examples and more detail.

The phases and tasks are aligned with the shoreline master program planning process chart, which differs from your grant tasks and deliverables. Questions? Contact the Ecology regional planner serving your town, city or county.

Phase 1: Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction and Public Participation Plan

Phase 2: Shoreline Inventory, Analysis and Characterization

Phase 3: Environment Designation, Policy and Regulation Development, Cumulative Impacts Analysis

Phase 4: Restoration Plan, Revisit Phase 3 products

Phase 5: Local Approval

Phase 6: State Approval


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