Overlay structures and modifications

(Rule citation)

Map shoreline structures and modifications including:

Shoreline modifications

piers, docks

groins, jetties



armoring (dikes, levees, bulkheads)

Facilities cutting across or through the shoreline



ferry terminals


pipelines, utilities

Adjacent land uses potentially influencing shoreline ecological function

agriculture (dairies, etc.)

septic tank locations

hazardous waste facilities

impervious areas

Water quality indicators

303(d) listed water bodies

contaminated sediments

shellfish harvest ratings

Here are some key questions you can ask of the inventory data to evaluate the status of shoreline conditions.

In some cases comparing historic and current photos and maps may be useful in determining how modifications have interrupted flows that affect ecological function, for example, estuarine/wetland infilling or riparian vegetation loss, encroachment on floodplains, and impervious surfaces in the basin that contributes to the reach. The effects of shoreline modifications will depend on the shoreline type.

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