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Task 2.3: Prepare inventory and characterization report

The inventory and analysis should be packaged as an inventory and characterization report. For each stretch of shoreline within the jurisdiction, a well-prepared report should:

  • Integrate findings in an accessible manner through narrative and associated maps and photos to inform planning decisions specifically faced by your jurisdiction.
  • Indicate opportunities for:
    • protecting ecological functions (to achieve no net loss policy)
    • restoring degraded habitat (for restoration planning)
    • improving public access
    • supporting water-dependent use
  • Reveal opportunities for coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions
  • Establish a baseline for adaptive management and cumulative impact assessment
  • Demonstrate compliance with the SMA requirement to make use of all available scientific and technical information

General suggestions for preparing an inventory and characterization report

Examples of reports

For more information

SMP Handbook: Chapter 7, Shoreline Inventory and Characterization


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