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Task 4.2: Revisit draft environment designations, policies, and regulations and finalize maps

Based on findings in the cumulative impacts analysis, local governments should re-evaluate and revise the draft SMP environment designations, policies, and regulations developed in Phase 3 as necessary to assure that they are adequate to achieve no net loss of ecological functions. The cumulative impacts analysis should be changed as needed to reflect any revisions.

Prepare final jurisdiction maps (digital) of Shorelines of the State identified in Task 1.1 that will be subject to the local SMP.

In general, those towns, cities and counties with state grants, should prepare the following deliverables:

  1. Revised designations, policies, and regulations that address the findings of the cumulative impacts analysis.

  2. Revised cumulative impacts analysis.

  3. Final SMP jurisdiction maps and boundary descriptions


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