Channel Migration Assessment

What resources are needed?

Method Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Site Scale
Recommended Expertise Natural resource background preferably in geology, geomorphology, hydrology or physical geography Same as for 1 and 2 and experience in evaluating fluvial geomorphologic processes and mapping CMZ Graduate level degree in geology, geomorphology, hydrology or physical geography with focus on fluvial processes or a undergraduate degree in above disciplines and at least 5 years experience in evaluating fluvial processes and CMZ assessments
GIS Very useful in spatial organization and assessing potential migration areas Useful for measuring rates, changes in bar formation and other features Useful but not necessary
Estimated Costs     $2,000-3,000 per river mile $4,000-6,000 per river mile Variable
Data available data relevant to basin-scale processes such as geology, soils, topography/gradient, hydrology, land use; DEM, LiDAR, or topographic maps Same data as in 1 plus maps or orthophotos for measuring meander amplitude or CMZ width; disturbance history, stream flow and climate records or historical assessments Historical context data for evaluating channel responses
aerial photos, DEM and/or LiDAR, stream discharge records
-Historical context for evaluating channel responses-At least 2 sets of aerial photos with a flood between years or 10 years apart -DEM and/or LiDAR, stream discharge records -Historical context for evaluating channel responses -At least 3 sets of aerial photos; most recent, the oldest, and a middle set of photos -DEM and/or LiDAR, stream discharge records


Same as 5 As in 5


Fields 2-3 day reconnaissance recommended but not required Sufficient field verification site visits to confirm assumptions and research findings Float or walk all reaches and identify and map bank erosion and materials, hydromodifications and geomorphic characterization Site visit for elevation measurement or verification and to confirm assumptions and findings
Important: Where expertise is not available internally, it is highly recommended that an expert is hired as staff or as consultants.

Table 5 lists some potential sources of funding available to do channel migration zone analysis:

Table 5: Some possible funding sources
Shoreline Master Program grants Funding for Shoreline Master Program Updates
FCAAP grants Funding for floodplain management plans and implementation including detailed CMZ analysis
Salmon Recovery Funding Board Channel migration analysis related to salmon recovery and restoration
Recreation and Conservation Office Aquatic lands protection
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation address priority actions promoting fish and wildlife conservation and the habitats they require
Growth management grants Two grant programs for growth management activities
Municipal Research and Services of WA A list of funding sources in Washington
Foundation Center Web site for community foundations in Washington

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