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Shoreline Management

Headquarters Staff

The table below provides a list of headquarters staff involved in shoreline and coastal zone management.  A complete staff list for the entire agency is also available.

Shoreline and Coastal Zone Management

Contact Function Email Telephone
Cedar Bouta Aquaculture Policy and Guidance; SMP Communication & Outreach 360-407-6406
Tim Gates Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Policy Lead 360-407-6522
Jennifer Hennessey Ocean Policy (Ocean Use Guidelines; Marine Spatial Planning) 360-407-6595
Bev Huether Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Grants 360-407-7254
George Kaminsky Coastal Erosion (Pacific Coast) 360-407-6797
Amy Krause Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Grants 360-407-7107
Brian Lynn Coastal/Shorelands Section Manager (SMA, SMP Grants, CZM Program) 360-407-6224
Loree' Randall Federal Consistency 360-407-6068
Betty Renkor SMP Handbook Lead; SMA Policy 360-407-7469
Hugh Shipman Coastal Geology (Puget Sound) 425-649-7095
Bobbak Talebi CZM Grant Support, Climate Change Policy and Guidance 360-407-6529
Gordon White Program Manager 360-407-6977


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