2011 Shoreline Management Act Amendments: Effective July 22, 2011


The 2011 legislative session included several adopted bills amending the Shoreline Management Act (SMA, RCW 90.58.) These amendments affect procedures for both local governments and Ecology and are effective July 22, 2011.

Local governments should review the changes carefully for implications to shoreline planning and permitting work.

Summary table of changes to Shoreline Management Act (Word)
Summary table of changes to Shoreline Management Act rules (Excel)

SSB 5192 - Notification and appeals timelines under SMA

Ecology requested this legislation to clarify SMA appeal timelines and address confusion (e.g. multiple dates to calculate the start of an appeal period) created by HB 2935 in 2010.  

ESHB 1478 - SMP updates delayed to provide city/county fiscal relief

The legislature delayed local planning deadlines contained in several statutes to reduce pressure on local governments during the fiscal crisis. The delays include the following SMA amendments:

SHB 1783 - Floating homes and floating home moorages

This bill responded to concerns raised by the Seattle floating home community regarding preservation of historic floating home communities. They are effective July 22, 2011 and need to be included in SMP updates where relevant.

SSB 5451 - Existing shoreline residential structures may be classified as "conforming"

This bill responded to concerns by shoreline residents that new SMP standards will make them “nonconforming” – potentially affecting access to financing and insurance costs.

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