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Shoreline Master Programs

Letter of exemption

All proposals for activities on shorelands that are exempt from the SDP process should be documented with an exemption letter that spells out what is being approved. Local governments are encouraged to send all exemptions to Ecology.

Local governments are required to send exemption letters to Ecology and the applicant if certain federal permits are required to approve the project:

  • A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 10 permit under the Rivers and Harbors Act; (projects on or over navigable waters); or
  • A Section 404 permit under the Clean Water Act (projects involving discharge of dredge or fill material to water or wetlands).

Ecology reviews these exemptions and must concur that the exemption is appropriate prior to granting CZM consistency.

The letter must indicate the specific exemption provision from WAC 173-27-040(2) that is being applied to the development and provide a summary of the local government's analysis of the consistency of the project with the master program and the SMP. 

See WAC 173-27-050.

For more information

Contact Ecology's shoreline permit reviewer serving your town, city, or county.