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Grading associated with SFR construction

State shoreline rules exempt from SDP requirements the construction of single family residences and their "appurtenant structures."  Included on the list of appurtenances is grading that:

  • does not exceed 250 cubic yards; and
  • does not involve placement of material in any wetland or waterward of the ordinary high water mark.

"Grading" is defined as movement or redistribution of the soil, sand, rock, gravel, sediment, or other material on a site in a manner that alters the natural contour of the land. The exemption for grading is for moving of earth that exists on the site, and does not include importing of fill.

The exemption for 250 cubic yards of grading is in addition to the grading and/or filling needed to construct the single family residence or other appurtenant structures, such as a driveway or drain field.

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Contact Ecology's shoreline permit reviewer serving your town, city, or county.