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Shoreline Management

Adjacent lands

The Shoreline Management Act (SMA) (RCW 90.58.340) requires that local governments and other agencies review policies and regulations that apply to adjacent lands, that is, lands under their jurisdiction that are adjacent to shorelines of the state " as to achieve a use policy on said land consistent with the..." Act and the SMP. In other words, comprehensive plans and zoning must be consistent with the SMP provisions, environment designations, and maps. State agency program and projects on adjacent lands must also be consistent with the master program.

Shoreline permits for project sites that include land in shoreline jurisdiction as well as adjacent areas should include consideration of the impacts of the entire project. The permit should address the portion of a project outside the shoreline area to the extent that it causes shoreline impacts and should include consideration of the project’s consistency with the policies of the Act and the SMP.

For projects only partially located within shoreline jurisdiction, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) would apply to the entire project. While the shoreline permit must incorporate consideration of the entire integrated project and a determination of consistency with the policies of the SMA and the local SMP must be made, only the portion within the shoreline jurisdiction must meet the SMA and local SMP regulations and standards e.g. height limit, lot coverage, etc.