Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Study
The Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Study

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The Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Study (SWCES) is a Federal - State - Local cooperative research project conducted by the US Geological Survey Coastal & Marine Geology Program and the Washington Department of Ecology - Coastal Monitoring & Analysis Program .  The SWCES was initiated to examine the coastal evolution, processes, geology, and hazards of the Columbia River littoral cell (CRLC).  The study area extends approximately 160 km along the United States' Pacific Northwest coast between Tillamook Head, Oregon and Point Grenville, Washington.  The project involves fundamental and applied research aimed at developing a regional-scale understanding of coastal processes and their associated shoreline changes over a variety of time scales.  Research efforts are directed towards developing an understanding of the littoral cell morphology and dynamics to facilitate land use planning and resource management decisions into the future.

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