[Photo of badly eroded beachfront roadway]


Data: In addition to recovering historical data sets, the Study is actively generating new data through field research and analysis of historical maps, photos and other data sources. Many of the datasets are available for downloading in a variety of formats. Additional data sets will be added to the catalog as new data is developed and corresponding metadata documentation is completed.

Maps: A collection of maps that display the study area, data, and results are available for on-line viewing and printing.

Publications: A complete list of Study publications is provided here. Many of the publications are available on-line as Adobe Acrobat files. The page includes an order form to request paper copies of the Study publications.

Glossary: This glossary includes terminology used in coastal science, engineering, geology, management, nearshore oceanography and the technologies used to study the physical properties, processes and changes of the coastal zone.

Video: At Ocean's Edge: Coastal Change in Southwest Washington, published in 1998, presents the work being conducted through the Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Study. The video can be viewed on Ecology's YouTube web page.

Library Database: The Department of Ecology is developing a database of resources relevant to coastal research and management in the Columbia River littoral cell. These materials are catalogued in a database to enable search capabilities. This section is currently under development.

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