Beach Morphology Monitoring Program
Summary Plot 1

Beach profile elevation change along the Columbia River littoral cell: summer 1997-winter 1998 and summer 1997-summer 1998. The negative values (light gray-shaded bars) represent beach lowering, or erosion of the profile, and the positive values (dark shaded bars) represent beach elevation gain, or accretion. Due to the anomalous forcing conditions of El Niņo, the southern ends of sub-cells, Ft. Canby (CANBY), Cape Shoalwater (GELF) and Ocean Shores (X1 SOUTH), experienced high levels of erosion, while the northern ends of sub-cells, Clatsop Spit (EAST JETTY 2) and Westport (HD-1), accreted during winter 1998. Analyses of profile data from the summer 1998 survey indicates partial recovery of many of the profiles, however, several sites did not fully recover to their summer 1997 condition. (link to printable version)

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