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Beach Morphology Monitoring Program
Summary Plot 5

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Nearshore beach profiles for each of the 4 sub-cells within the CRLC collected in 1999. These profiles reveal the variability in morphology observed among the four sub-cells. The slope for these profiles is measured from the 2.0-m elevation contour (NAVD 88) offshore to the -10.0-m contour. The North Beach profile (km 137) is relatively low sloping (0.0055, 1:181) and features 3 sandbars. The profile collected in the Grayland Plains (km 102) shows small sandbar features and a much steeper slope (0.0078, 1:128). The Long Beach profile (km 69) has four sandbars with a larger outer sandbar (approximately 3.0-m high) than each of the other three profiles. The slope of the Long Beach profile is 0.0065 (1:153). The Clatsop Plains profile (km 22) has a distinct outer bar approximately 2.0-m in height and a slope similar to that of the Grayland profile, 0.0080 (1:125).

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