Training and Education Resources


Coastal Training Program

The Department of Ecology offers courses on managing coastal, estuarine, and wetland resources through the Coastal Training Program (CTP). The CTP is coordinated by several agencies to provide practical, science-based training to professionals who make decisions about coastal management in Washington State.  The program is administered through the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, which is part of the Department of Ecology and NOAA. Check the Coastal Training Program web page for a current list of classes.  You can sign up there to receive email notifications when new classes are listed.

Society of Wetland Scientists (Pacific Northwest Chapter)

The Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter occasionally offers training or workshops on wetland and mitigation topics. Visit their events web page for information on upcoming classes.

Web-based training

Ecology will be hosting webinars on various wetland topics as funding and time allow. We will announce webinars on our Wetlands Information email listserv.  We will also post information on upcoming and past webinars on our Wetland Webinars webpage.

Resources for Landowners

Many Washingtonians want to help preserve, protect, or restore wetlands.  Ecology encourages this responsible wetland stewardship and has a couple of resources to help: 

Resources for Teachers and Students

Ecology encourages, supports, and provides several resources to educate people of all ages on wetlands and their role in a healthy watershed.  Understanding these connections is essential if we are to preserve our remaining wetlands for people, fish, and other wildlife of Washington State.

  • Discover Wetlands - A Curriculum Guide for grades K-12.  It is focused on Washington's wetlands, what they are, their value, and human affects on them.  It includes wetland plant and animal identification cards, plus field studies.

  • Interactive Wetlands Poster - An interactive poster illustrating plants and animals commonly found in wetlands.

  • Learn about wetland functions and values - A web page with information on wetland functions and values and links to more information.

  • Washington's Wetlands - A booklet which provides general information on wetlands (where we find them, what they are, why they are important).

  • Wetlands - A small, illustrated book about wetlands for children. Grasses, plants, insects, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, mud and water are introduced one by one. Written and illustrated by Olympia, Washington artist, Nikki McClure.

  • Wetland Walks: A Guide to Washington's Public Access Wetlands - a reference for locating public-access wetlands.

  • Wetland Videos - Ecology distributes the following wetland videos all on one VHS or DVD:

    • Fabulous Wetlands, 7 minutes - A wacky and entertaining video featuring Bill Nye "the Science Guy" talking about the importance of wetlands.  You can now view this video on YouTube.

    • Washington Wetlands, 15 minutes - A video of still images that provides an overview of the functions of values fresh and saltwater wetlands in Washington.

    • Yellowlegs, Eelgrass and Tideflats, 28 minutes - A beautiful film on the natural history of Washington's estuaries emphasizing the variety of wildlife common to these areas.

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