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Seattle District Corps of Engineers:

  • Wetland Resources - Information on wetlands and other waters of the nation.
  • Regulatory In Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System (RIBITS) - RIBITS is an interactive web-based in-lieu fee (ILF) and wetland mitigation bank (bank) tracking system. RIBITS will allow everyone, including the public and all governmental entities, to track the status of Corps- approved ILFs and banks in Washington. The website will also allow the public to identify those ILFs and banks that provide a given type of compensatory mitigation (wetland, stream, or species) and present detailed information on processes and procedures.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Wetlands - Information on wetlands and other waters of the nation.
  • Wetlands Compensatory Mitigation  - This site includes links to guidance documents, policy statements, and reports on wetland mitigation.

Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources; Final Rule (Federal Register, April 10, 2008, PDF, 574 kb) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency issued regulations governing compensatory mitigation for activities authorized by permits issued by the Department of the Army. The regulations establish performance standards and criteria for the use of permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation, wetland mitigation banks, and in-lieu fee programs to improve the quality and success of compensatory mitigation projects.

National Mitigation Banking Association (NMBA) - This site is sponsored by the National Mitigation Banking Association, a non-profit association, whose members consist of corporations, consultants, attorneys, engineers, contractors, surveyors and other businesses or individuals associated with the mitigation banking industry.  The site has national news, research, and other information relevant to mitigation banking.