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How to use a wetland mitigation bank to compensate for wetland impacts

If your development project impacts wetlands and is within a wetland mitigation bank’s (bank) service area, you may propose to use the bank as compensation. The agency(ies) permitting your impacts will usually request a mitigation plan to show that you will be able to adequately compensate for the impacts.  As the permittee, you would submit a bank use plan to the permitting agency(ies).  The permitting agency(ies) will review the submittal and make the determination whether the use of that bank is appropriate or not.

We have banks located across the state of Washington. The banks listed below are certified by Ecology.

Click on the name to see more detailed information regarding the specific bank including location, service area, credit availability, and contact information. Click on the map to view all Washington banks.

Using Credits from Wetland Mitigation Banks


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