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2014 Marine and Rail Oil Transportation Study


2014 Marine & Rail Oil Transportation Study published March 1, 2015

Final Study Focus Sheet

Frequently heard comments and Ecology's responses document

The Governor’s 2014 budget provided one-time funding for Ecology to conduct a Marine and Rail Oil Transportation Study. The objective of the study was to analyze the risks to public health and safety, and the environmental impacts associated with the transport of oil in Washington state.


The following worked with Ecology on the study:

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission; Emergency Management Division; tribes; other federal, state, and local agencies; informal and formal public and private committees; organizations; industry; and the public.


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Scope of Study (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Transport Maps

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Unit car oil train passing through Carkeek Park in Seattle. Train carrying approximately 2.9M gallons of crude oil.


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