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Strategic Work Plan

The shared strategic work plan for both the USCG and Ecology is an important documentation of the partnership in the Pacific Northwest. This current draft version describes initiatives agreed to by the two agencies, outlines implementing actions and sets a target completion date.

The work plan is designed to be a living document, regularly adapting to changing priorities, new initiatives and public input. This work plan will be reviewed by the USCG and Ecology at quarterly meetings and revised as appropriate.

The supplemental inventory document highlights the many work areas where the USCG and Ecology exercise regulatory authority and a range of other activities where they have management responsibilities.

Strategic Work Plan
Version: Strategic Work Plan (6/26/07)
Supplemental document: Inventory of Routine Activities and Authorities (6/26/07)
Note: This document will undergo periodic revisions. Please check back for the most current version.

Provide your comments on the shared strategic work plan to Ecology and the Coast Guard.