North Puget Sound Risk Management Panel Final Report

July 2000

The North Puget Sound Oil Spill Risk Management Panel, co-chaired by Ecology and the Coast Guard, has completed its deliberations. The final report is available in the formats listed below.

The Panel was composed of representatives from 20 organizations with expertise and involvement in marine safety.

The Panel’s process advanced oil spill prevention in a number of ways including:

The Panel did not achieve consensus on several issues including the need for a rescue tug, mechanisms for improving public input into marine safety issues, tug escorts for high-risk vessels, and marine safety improvements in Haro Strait. However, the Panel conducted valuable dialogs on each of these topics.

Now that the Panel’s deliberations are complete, Ecology will work on the following issues:

The report is available in 2 formats:

These are large documents and can take several minutes to download depending on your connection speed.

  1. Download a copy of the report’s body (without the appendices) in PDF format

  2. Download a copy of the entire report (including the appendices) in PDF format

(Get free Adobe Reader software to view and print PDF files.)