Hwy 730 Diesel Spill near Walla Walla

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Wednesday, 3/2/11 2:45 pm 

Wrap up of diesel spill when trucks collide near Walla Walla    

The trucking companies,  Medelez Inc. and Vidal Fuendes Company, both of Hermiston, Ore., hired the Burns Oil Co. to conduct an assessment and cleanup, if necessary, at the site of truck collision that occurred Feb. 24, 2011 on State Route 730.

The contractor reported Wednesday, March 2, 2011, that the site is now clean. They filled two 55 gallon drums with dirt and rock and an estimated two gallons of diesel and two gallons of motor oil. The remainder of the fuel either dissipated or was cleaned up off the highway. 

Thursday, 2/24/11 4:10 pm 

Ecology responds to diesel spill after trucks collide near Walla Walla    

The state Department of Ecology responded today to a diesel spill that occurred this morning on State Route 730 at milepost 1 on the Washington side of the Columbia River, west of Walla Walla. The Washington State Patrol responded originally to the injury collision that involved two semi trucks. 

The spill was reported to Ecology at about 10 a.m.  Approximately 200 gallons of diesel oil was spilled onto the highway and into a ditch, but it did not go to any surface water, such as a river or lake.  

One truck was owned by Medelez Inc. of Hermiston, Ore. The other was from the Vidal Fuendes Co., also of Hermiston.  The 200 gallons of fuel were released from fuel tanks on both of the semis.

Also responding to the incident are the Washington Department of Transportation and Union Pacific Railroad.  State Route 730 is next to and runs parallel to the railroad. Together, the agencies and the railroad are working to identify the extent of the contamination, plan cleanup strategies, and bring in private spill contractors to conduct the cleanup.










Date of Incident:
February 24, 2011, 10:00 a.m.

State Route 730 at Mile Post 1 on the Washington side of the Columbia River

Product/Quantity: Diesel
Approximately 200 gallons

Collision under Investigation

Responsible Parties:
Medelez Inc. and Vidal Fuendes Company, both of Hermiston, Oregon


Washington Dept. of Ecology
Jani Gilbert