FV Long Island II grounding

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Wednesday, 9/15/11 5:05 pm 

Vessel is now secured at the dock at Colony Wharf, Bellingham, WA.

Wednesday, 9/15/11 4:50 pm 

Vessel is now under tow to marina where it will be secured overnight. No sheen noted.

Wednesday, 9/15/11 1:10 pm 

Contractor is on-scene preparing to salvage as the tide comes in today. The U.S. Coast Guard and Ecology will be on-scene to observe.

Wednesday, 9/15/11 11:10 am 

The boat is about 3,000 feet offshore, north of the old cement plant and south of Cliffside. The sheen continues to be light, and appears to be coming from diesel fuel leaking slowly from the fuel vents.

The owner hired Top to Bottom Diving and Marine out of Bellingham to refloat the boat and prevent and contain any additional spills. The boat should be afloat by high tide Wednesday. In the meantime, Top to Bottom will plug the vents, place absorbent boom around the boat, pump off water and anchor it so it doesn’t drag along the bottom.

Ecology is working with the U.S. Coast Guard and state Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources to assess the extent of contamination and damage. Ecology and Coast Guard are overseeing cleanup and boat recovery efforts.

The boat is in a sensitive area. In addition to eelgrass beds, the area provides habitat for Dungeness crab and pandalid shrimp, and Coho are passing through the area on their way to the Nooksack River. Forage fish also spawn nearby. So it’s important that we’re careful during boat salvage to minimize damage.

Tuesday, 9/14/11 9:50 am 

Monday, 9/13/11, around midnight, the Long Island II fishing boat grounded in shallow waters off the area of Little Squalicum Park and a former cement plant on the waterfront in Bellingham, Washington.

The 33-foot fishing boat was on its side Tuesday morning, Sept. 13, in Bellingham Bay. A good Samaritan helped get the crew off the boat.

The boat had a slight sheen around it. Ecology is determining the best way to handle any fuel leaks in the shallow waters. The boat has a fuel capacity of about 200 gallons and was believed to be carrying about 175.

Ballard Diving & Salvage out of Seattle has been hired to re-float the boat.


FV Long Island II grounded in shallow waters off the beach west of a former cement plant and the Cliffside area. Bellingham, WA.

Photos by Ecology Responder, Carl Andersen


Date of Incident:
Sept. 13, 2011, 12:01 am

Off the beach west of a former cement plant and the Cliffside area. Bellingham, WA

Product/Quantity: Estimated 175 gallons of fuel on board


Responsible Party: Private party