Luzon Strait Loss of Propulsion Incident

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Thursday, 5/27/10 4:45 pm

M/V Luzon Spirit tested the repairs to their engine and the test was satisfactory. A USCG inspector boarded the vessel and verified repairs were adequate and the vessel was allowed to go to the Astoria anchorage.

Additional checks will be made at the anchorage and once approved by the USCG, the ship will continue to Longview.

Thursday, 5/27/10  9:50 am 

Early this morning, the bulk carrier M/V Luzon Strait picked up a bar pilot and began entering the Columbia River en route to the Longview Anchorage. The ship was empty of cargo and has approximately 130,000 gallons of  fuel oil onboard.

At approximately 0430, the vessel lost their main engine and generators. The ship dropped their anchor and were 2.7 nm off the entrance to the river, 1000 feet north of the channel for 5 hours. They are now headed off shore to test the repairs to the main engine and a USCG inspector will be boarding the vessel to verify the repairs before it enters the Columbia River.







Date of Incident:
May 27, 2010

Mouth of the Columbia River

Product/Quantity: Fuel oil/Approximately 130,000 gallons onboard

Under Investigation

Responsible Party: Pacific Basin Shipping


Coast Guard Monitors Disabled Vessel (USCG site)