Fishing Vessel Neahkahnie Grounding

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The NEAHKANIE refloated the same afternoon it grounded without spilling any oil. No oil has been observed in the water as of 6/4/2013. This case is considered closed with no further action necessary.

Tuesday, 6/4/13 4:14 PM

At approximately 3:00 pm, the NEAHKANIE floated free from the beach.  Divers will inspect the vessel to ensure seaworthiness for transit to Seattle.  The NEAHKANIE was removed without spilling and no oil has been observed in the water.

Tuesday, 6/4/13  3:07 PM

SEATTLE – The U.S. Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology continue to monitor the 97-foot fishing vessel Neahkahnie, which ran aground near Whidbey Island, Wash., Tuesday morning.

The vessel has about 9500 gallons of diesel fuel and oil onboard, and there have been no reports of pollution or injuries.

The crew of the CGC Swordfish is enforcing a 250-yard safety zone around the vessel, and members of Global Diving and Salvage are on scene with 500 feet of boom.

The vessel’s owners have contracted the tug Rosario and are developing a salvage plan jointly with the Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology.

For more information, contact the 13th District Public Affairs Office at 206-220-7237.

















Date of Incident:
June 4, 2013

Whidbey Island

Product/Quantity: (No spill)
Potential on board is 8800 gallons of diesel fuel  and 700 gallons of additional lube and hydraulic oil

Under Investigation

Responsible Party:
Ocean Warrior LLC


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Washington Dept. of Ecology
USCG District 13 Public Affairs Office: 206-220-7237