New Legend Little Klickitat River spill near Goldendale

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Wednesday, 1/4/12 11:20 am 

Soil cleanup is ongoing today at the site of a semi truck accident where approximately 250 gallons of diesel fuel and engine oil spilled onto the river bank and into the Little Klickitat River along Highway 97.

Ecology is on the scene again today where a contractor is using a backhoe to excavate soil that has been contaminated with the diesel and oil.

A unified command with the Washington Department of Transportation, the Yakama Nation, and Ecology, is coordinating the response and making cleanup decisions.

The truck, owned by New Legend Trucking, overturned onto the riverbank, causing the spill. New Legend hired the National Response Corp. (NRC) to conduct the cleanup work. NRC is removing soil and collecting diesel and oil in absorbent boom and pads placed at the water’s edge. Soil will be hauled to a special disposal facility where it is treated and disposed.

The truck, the truck’s trailer and its contents, were pulled up and hauled off on Tuesday, giving cleanup crews better access to the soil.

Once cleanup is done, NRC will start work to restore the streamline and the riverbank to their natural state.

Tuesday, 1/3/12 3:30 pm 

A New Legend semi truck left Hwy. 97 at approx. 0100 January 3, 2012. The truck ruptured both saddle tanks and engine releasing all the fuel and motor oil onto the river bank and into the river.

Unified Command has formed consisting of Ecology, the Yakama Nation, and the Washington Dept. of Transportation.

A cleanup contractor has been hired (NRC Environmental Services) and is on scene. Protective sweep and oil pads have been placed and preparations are being made for removal of the truck.


Oil sweep and pad in place as crews work to remove the New Legend truck.
(Photos by Washington Dept. of Ecology)


Date of Incident:
January 3, 2012, approximately 1:00 a.m.

Location: Hwy 97, milepost 15 (at Hanging Rock Road)
Lat: N. 45.84879
Lon: 122.79233
North of Goldendale, WA

Product/Quantity: Estimated 250 gallons, diesel and motor oil mixture

Under Investigation, road conditions were icy at the time of incident

Responsible Party: New Legend Trucking


Washington Dept. of Ecology
Jani Gilbert, Communications Manager
Cell: 509-990-9177


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