Pleasure Craft Granby Sinking

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Monday, October 7, 2013 4:00 PM

The 75-foot Granby has changed ownership and been moved to Goble, Oregon from Willow Grove.

Before it was moved, the cabin – also sometimes called the “house” -- was removed. This is still in the water at Willow Grove marina. The cabin does not contain any fuel or oil. The new owner plans to remove the cabin when weather and other conditions are favorable.

Thursday, 8/29/2013, 3:00pm

Light sheen remains within oil containment boom that surrounds the 75-foot vessel Granby that sunk Tuesday Aug. 27 at Willow Grove Island on the Columbia River.

All known recoverable oil has been removed from the vessel, with the exception of oil in a hydraulic tank, in the vessel’s engine room, that could not be removed due to safety considerations.

Oil-containment boom and oil-absorbing pads will remain around the vessel throughout Labor Day weekend, with responders continuing to monitor the situation.

There have been no reports of fish or wildlife injury as a result of the spill.

The cause of the vessel sinking remains under investigation. The vessel owner, who hired and was responsible for the response contractor costs, continues to provide appropriate progress reports to Ecology and the U.S. Coast Guard, as directed. Ecology is regularly visiting and assessing the spill site as well as the down-river areas.

There is no estimated timeframe for completing the cleanup, nor has a timeline for the vessel owner to develop a plan to raise and remove the vessel been determined. Many factors can affect how long it takes to resolve an incident, including weather and tide conditions.

A precautionary Cowlitz County Health Department advisory asks people not swim or fish in the Columbia River near the Willow Grove Park area until the visible oil sheen has dissipated, is expected to remain in effect through the weekend.

Wednesday, 8/28/2013, 1:00pm

Sheen remains in the area where the 75-foot vessel sunk yesterday at Willow Grove Island, about five miles west of Longview. Cleanup efforts by the Washington Department of Ecology, U.S. Coast Guard and contractors Cowlitz Clean Sweep Inc and Ballard Diving & Salvage are continuing.

Responders were able to pump an estimated 250 gallons of oil from the vessel. At this time, responders estimate 50 to 100 gallons of fuel spilled from the vessel Granby. This number could be revised after spill responders complete their investigation, including a determination on the amount of fuel onboard the vessel at the time it sunk.

Divers were unable to remove oil from a hydraulic tank due to safety concerns. Oil-containment boom and oil-absorbing pads remain deployed around the vessel.

Tuesday, 8/27/2013, 4:15pm

Ecology, the Coast Guard and response contractors Cowlitz Clean Sweep Inc and Ballard Diving & Salvage continue working to clean up an oil spill associated with the sunken vessel Granby.

Divers at the scene are preparing to deploy pumps that will be used to remove oil from the sunken vessel. Once oil is removed, the vessel owner can develop a plan to raise and remove the vessel.

A Coast Guard helicopter overflight, as well as land and water investigations, revealed a light sheen along the shoreline about six miles downriver from the incident site.

Cowlitz County Health and Human Services also issued an advisory cautioning people and their pets to avoid contact with the water where oil sheen is visible near Willow Grove Park. The park is about one mile away from the incident site.

At this time, responders estimate 50 to 100 gallons of oil have spilled. This number could be revised after divers complete their investigation of the vessel.

Tuesday, 8/27/2013, 7:00am

Ecology and the U.S. Coast guard were notified that a 75-foot, wood-hulled trawler sunk at Willow Grove Island on the Columbia River, five miles east of Longview.

Ecology and the Coast Guard responded along with contractors Cowlitz Clean Sweep Inc and Ballard Diving & Salvage, which were hired by the boat’s owner.

Response crews placed oil-containment boom and oil-absorbing pads around the vessel.

State and federal authorities formed a unified command, and responders and investigators remain at the site working on cleanup and investigating possible impacts to wetlands, fish and wildlife. The cause of the sinking also is under investigation. The sunken vessel, the Granby, was built in 1929.



Photo taken by Curt Piesch, Ecology - Friday Sept 13.


Photo of the Granby taken in 2002.


Date of Incident:
August 27, 2013

Willow Grove Island, Columbia River

50 to 100 gallons of oil


Responsible Party:
Privately Owned


U.S. Coast Guard
8/27/2013 - Press Release

Department of Ecology

9/16/2013 - Press Release

8/28/2013 - Press Release

 8/27/2013 - Press Release


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