PSE Crystal Mountain Spill

Summary Statement / Investigation Report

18,200 gallons of diesel was released to soil in steep terrain near Crystal Mountain Ski Resort.  The source of the diesel was the emergency backup generator owned and operated by Puget Sound Energy.   Diesel soaked into soil.  Pushed by heavy rain storms, an estimated 7,971 gallons of diesel entered Silver Creek. PSE, response contractors, Ecology and U.S. EPA conducted a 6 week long emergency cleanup operation to intercept the flow of diesel into the creek and remove diesel contaminated soil. 

Summary of Information
Date of incident Reported Friday, November 3, 2006
Location Crystal Mountain Emergency Generator Station near Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
County King
Status of incident* Inactive
Product /Quantity Diesel- 18,200 gallons
Recovered product N/A
Cost Recovery $ 90,704.06
NRDA* $ In progress
Penalty $ Investigation pending
Cause Mis-wiring an electric switch controlling a fuel transfer pump
Responsible party Puget Sound Energy
* Status:

Active: cleanup in progress
Inactive: No clean up activities. Investigation follow-up
Closed: Investigation completed

* NRDA: Natural Resource Damage Assessment


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