Pettit Truck Oil Spill Photo Gallery

Last Updated 2/25/2011 - Photos courtesy of Washington Department of Transportation

Red dyed diesel in ditch at the wreck site.



Wrecked trailer after it was righted, diesel in the ditch.



Culvert entrance, lots of oil went through the culvert.



Wetland area impacted by the spill.



Pond downstream from the spill site that feeds the tribal hatchery.



EPA (Jeff Rodin) and Ecology (Kathy Armstrong) meeting with the Hoh Tribe Chairperson (Maria Lopez).



Wrecked trailer after it was righted, diesel in the ditch.



Wetland/headwaters of Chalaat Creek downstream of wreck site, lots of pure red diesel.



Pettit Oil Company truck on side of Hwy 101 near mile post 167.



Pettit Oil Company truck in ditch.



Initial spilled fuel entered thru metal road culvert.



During initial response, Washington State Patrol, Washington Department of Transportation and the Hoh and Quileute tribes are on scene.



Pettit Oil Company tank truck in ditch before recovery.



Ditch blocked with a dirt/gravel mix in effort to trap diesel oil near accident site.



Hay bales used to block flow of diesel down the ditch.



Responder inspecting drainage culvert next to accident site.



Responders collecting spilled diesel oil.




Cowlitz Clean Sweep on site doing cleanup work.



Washington State Patrol responding to tank truck accident.



Pettit Oil Company tank trailer with pooled diesel fuel in ditch.