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Port Orchard Yacht Club Fire

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March 20, 2016 4:30 p.m.

The Ecology mobile command unit is on site and housing the incident command (state, federal and local agencies coordinating to cleanup the water and associated diesel fuel spill)

The team will begin to pump off fuel from vessels today, and anticipates it will take all day tomorrow to remove debris from water.

Skimming and use the use of absorbent pads will continue through the night.

Currently 3,000 ft of boom has been deployed and another 2,000 ft is on its way.

No oiled birds or wildlife has been reported and the public is asked to call 425-649-7000 if any are observed.

March 20, 2016 1 p.m.

Currently contractors are diving to assess the fuel tanks of six sunken yachts. Once evaluated they will plug the tanks or offload fuel as necessary.

The entire yacht club is contained by boom and protecting Black Jack Creek. Crews are also deploying boom at a nearby salt marsh.

A flight this morning showed 0.13 square miles of impacted area with a sheen 2.12 square miles long. Based on the capacity of all the fuel tanks, 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel is the maximum potential for releasing to water.

Responders were able to access oil-spill response equipment from an Ecology equipment cache staged at nearby Port Orchard Marina. That helped launch a rapid, aggressive and well-coordinated response.

The USCG opened the oil spill liability fund to pay for the cleanup.

March 20, 2016 11 a.m.

Ecology and the US Coast Guard are responding to a boat fire at the Port Orchard Yacht Club that was reported about about 4 a.m.. At least one boat sank, releasing approximately 3,000 gallons of oil into the water.

Response contractors are on scene along with the South Kitsap Fire Rescue and 4,000 feet of boom has been deployed.

The cause of the fire (which is now extinguished) is currently unknown and we will continue to provide details as we receive them.

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Date of Incident & Location:
March 20, 2016/Port Orchard Yacht Club

Diesel fuel/appx. 2,000-gallon potential


Responsible Party:


US Coast Guard
March 20, 2016

US Coast Guard
March 20, 2016 update


Larry Altose

Port Orchard Yacht Club Fire