SS Catala Shipwreck Photo Gallery

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SS Catala circa 1970's (Courtesty of Ocean Shores Interpretive Center)
Close up view of insulation on the Catala, containing asbestos.

Close up view of bow tank on the Catala, showing sealed opening (Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard)
View of the remains of the SS Catala, looking west toward Ocean Shores, Washington.

Oil-contaminated sludge found within the hull of the SS Catala.
Heavy oil found in bow tank of the SS Catala. (Courtesy of Dan Vanderkolk)

Map of the general area where the remains of the SS Catala lie partially buried in the sand.
Port side of the Catala, looking south

Close up of bow tank, showing opening. (Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard)
Overview of the top the Catala. (Courtesy of Dan Vanderkolk)

Warning signs posted around the wreck of the Catala.