SS Catala Shipwreck Photo Timeline

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Catala timeline photo, 1925


229 ft ship built in Scotland.
Passenger service in British Columbia; owned & operated by Union Steamship Company. Known as the “Logger’s Liner”


Taken out of service in British Columbia.


Sold for scraping in British Columbia.


Purchased & refitted and towed to Seattle as floating hotel for World’s Fair.

Catala timeline photo, 1963


Catala towed to Ocean Shores & operated as charter fishing base, hotel and restaurant.


Continued operation as charter fishing base & entertainment center.

Catala timeline photo, 1965

January 1, 1965

Severe storm with 70+ mph wind & 9 foot swell causes scour & fill around Catala; listed & flooded when settled at low tide.


Numerous attempts to re-float the Catala.

Catala timeline photo, 1965

1965 - 1980

Catala becomes local attraction as the "tilting ship"

December 1965

Catala sold for salvage.


Catala sold again for salvage.


US Army Corps of Engineers builds road to end of Damon Point. Purpose is to load barges for rebuilding of North Jetty.


Catala sold a third time for salvage.


Stacks and cabin decks to cut off to sand line and sold for scrap.

August 1980

Remainder of ship buried with sand and abandoned.


Catala begins to reappear from sand following severe storm in February.

Catala timeline photo, April 2006

April 2006

Oil in hull reported to Ecology & US Coast Guard.
Catala timeline photo, 2006
Catala timeline photo, May 2006

May & June 2006

Ecology surveys ship; confirms heavy oil in at least 3 tanks. Looks at options for removal of oil.
Catala timeline photo, August 2006

July to October, 2006

Catala Oil Remediation Project, first season of work to remove oil.

October 20, 2006

Work on Catala Oil Remediation Project is suspended for winter
Catala timeline photo, 2007

May to October 2007

Season 2 of Catala Oil Remediation Project. Remaining oil contaminated sand & tank to be cleaned; ship cut up and removed; site restored