Harborview Marina Fire

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Summary Statement / Investigation Report

A fire started on board a recreational vessel at this covered marina. Within a few minutes the expanding fire completely consumed the marina structure. 50 vessels were destroyed. 6,097 gallons of gasoline and diesel were estimated on board the vessels at the time of the fire. Most was burned up in the fire. The Harborview Marina, US Coast Guard, Ecology and response contractors conducted containment and cleanup. Quick action by the City of Gig Harbor to deploy city owned boom early in this incident contained released fuel and debris, preventing significant widespread damage in Gig Harbor.

Summary of Information
Date of incident August 31, 2005
Location Gig Harbor
County Pierce
Status of incident* Closed
Product /Quantity Diesel- 6,097 gallons
Recovered product N/A
Cost Recovery $ 44,643
NRDA* $ 6,431
Penalty $ 4000 to owner of vessel where fire originated (penalty appealed)
Cause Fire
Responsible party Recreational vessel owner
* Status:

Active: cleanup in progress
Inactive: No clean up activities. Investigation follow-up
Closed: Investigation completed

* NRDA: Natural Resource Damage Assessment


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