Port Angeles Landfill Mystery Oil Release

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Friday, 10/12/07 1:36 pm

  • 170 cubic yards of oil contaminated sand excavated
  • 7000 gallons of oily water removed
  • Preliminary estimate total volume of oil in sand and water removed is 200 - 400 gallons
There was no obvious source for the oil, such as a buried tank or drums.  Incident command feels they were able to excavate the whole area that was contaminated and that no more oil exists in that particular location.


Friday,  10/12/07 9:59 am

The location is about 2 miles west of Ediz Hook at Port Angeles on the beach at the base of the slope where the City is constructing a sea wall.

  • On October 5th, oil appeared in an excavation on the beach side of the sea wall.
  • About 20 gallons has been recovered to date.
  • Analyses of samples confirmed that the material is oil.
  • The source of the oil is undetermined at this time.

A project to determine the source and extent of the oil is being cooperatively managed by Ecology, City of Port Angeles, Port Angeles Fire Department, and Glaicer Construction. It is also being coordinated with the USCG Seattle Sector.





Original excavation on October 5, a few hours after the oil was discovered. Photo taken by Doug Stolz with Department of Ecology. 


Date of Incident:
October 5, 2007

Ediz Hook at Port Angeles

Old oil mixture

Under investigation

Responsible Party: