Photo Gallery: Port Angles Landfill Mystery Oil Release

These photos were taken in Port Angeles on October 10, 2007. Click on the images to see an enlarged view.

The original excavation on October 5, a few hours after the oil was discovered. It shows a layer of oil approximately 1 millimeter thick on a 20’ x 20’ area. Approximately 10 gallons had been removed at that point by the City’s Vactor truck. Most of the remaining oil was absorbed into pads before the incoming tide halted operations and the hole was refilled with the original excavated material.
This photo was taken from the bluff above the project and shows a worker placing absorbent boom around the refilled excavation area where the mystery oil was found. A large dump truck in the background shows the scale of the wall, which is over 400 feet long.

This is a ground-level view of the sea wall, looking east. Work was allowed to continue 50 feet west of the original contaminated excavation area when it was determined that oil was not present in that area. Small boulders are being buried at the bottom of the sea wall as a “toe anchor.”