Songa Hua Elliott Bay Oil Spill

Summary Statement / Investigation Report

143 gallons of intermediate fuel oil was released from a vent on the bulk grain carrier Songa Hua during fueling.  93 gallons spilled to Elliot Bay.   Cleanup contractors responded quickly, but the wind carried much of the oil into Smith Cove where it collected around a marine bulkhead and Pier 91.  Skimmers worked until no more oil remained on the water.  There was little lasting shoreline impact.  The Ecology investigator determined that the cause was inattention by the Chief Engineer and an improperly assembled tank valve.

Summary of Information
Date of incident February 2, 2007
Location Elliot Bay
County King
Status of incident* Closed
Product /Quantity Intermediate fuel oil (168 gallons)
Recovered product 62 gallons
Cost Recovery $ 13,543.00
NRDA* $ 1,855.21
Penalty $ 27,500.00
Cause In-attention
Responsible party Bulk carrier Songa Hua
* Status:

Active: cleanup in progress
Inactive: No clean up activities. Investigation follow-up
Closed: Investigation completed

* NRDA: Natural Resource Damage Assessment


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