Squalicum Creek Gasoline Spill

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Thursday, 11/01/07 5:00 pm

Ecology and the City of Bellingham responded to gasoline odors in a storm drain and high vapor concentrations at a gas station along E. Sunset Drive. It is not known whether this is related to this incident. Please see Sunset Storm Drain Spill.

Thursday, 11/01/07 11:00 am

The Bellingham Public Works Department has collected additional water samples to help in assessing environmental impacts to Squalicum Creek.









As a precaution, City of Bellingham Public Works Department put oil absorbent boom near the outfall draining into Squalicum Creek.

Photo by Carl Andersen, Lead Spill Responder, Bellingham Field Office, Department of Ecology.



Date of Incident:
October 24, 2007

Near Woodstock Way and James Street in Bellingham

Gas and associated vapors

Under investigation

Responsible Party: