Photo Gallery: Whitley Fire and Petroleum Spill

These photos were taken in Spokane July 25, 2007. Click on the images to see an enlarged view.

Smoke from fire visible blocks away Tanker truck destroyed during fire

View of the southern side of the destroyed warehouse with
crates and barrels; structure where the 50 55 gallon
drops were breached during fire fighting operations.


View of main entrance to facility, east side of lot; torched van, which was property of the handicapped transit company next door.

Light sheen visible near Nine Mile Reservoir is no longer visible. TJ Meenach outfall is the location where the drainage for the surrounding NE communities. The storm system drainage ends here, and will be the last spot where the hydro cleaning/flushing occurs. there are 3 layers of soft adsorbents and one external layer of hard river boom.