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Partners & Related Links

This page describes many of the organizations that we partner with to achieve our mission.

Partners & Other
United States Coast Guard
States British Columbia Task Force
Northwest Area Committee
Cruise Ship MOA
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality MOA (PDF)
American Waterways Operators Main Page  ..  Baltic and International Maritime Council  ..  International Association of Independent Tanker Owners  ..  Marine Exchange of Puget Sound  ..  International Association of Classification Societies   ..  International Labor Organization - International Labor Standards Navigator  ..  Fairplay Marine Directory
Ballast Water
Ballast Water Coordination  ..  National Ballast Information Clearinghouse  ..  USCG Ballast Water  ..  Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force  
Other State Agencies

Puget Sound Partnership  ..  WA Department of Natural Resources  ..  WA Military Department's Emergency Management Division  ..   WA Department of Fish and Wildlife  ..  Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners  ..  Washington Sea Grant  ..  Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation  ..  California Department of Fish and Game  ..  California State Lands Commission  ..  Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Federal Agencies

US EPA Oil Spill Program Home Page  ..  US Coast Guard Home Page  ..  US EPA Emergency Management Learning Center  ..  National Response Center Home Page  ..  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  ..  National Transportation Safety Board - Marine .. OSHA - Safety for Oil Spill Response

Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council  ..  Managing The Systems: ISMCode/SMS Commentary  ..  National Weather Service, Seattle, Washington  ..  NOAA Coastal Marine Weather  ..  NOAA, Tide Predictions at U.S. Reference Stat.  ..  NOAA Commercial Fisheries ..  Marine Accident Reporting Scheme  ..  Alert! : The International Maritime Human Element Forum  ..  Fatigue Countermeasures Program  ..  Marine Accident Investigators' International Forum  ..  Massachusetts Maritime Academy  ..  Australian Marine Incident Investigation Unit  ..  DNV Marine Industry Casualty Information  ..  Equasis Database  ..  USCG Navigation and Inspection Circulars  ..  USCG Marine Safety and Environmental Protection  ..  Puget Sound Harbor Safety Plan