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MCR McNary Pool Geographic Response Plan (MCRM-GRP)

McNary Pool

The McNary Pool GRP planning area covers 50.5 miles of the Columbia River, extending from the McNary Dam at river mile 292.5 to the Hanford reach on the outskirts of Richmond, WA at river mile 343. Included within the planning area are 9.6 miles of the Snake River, ending at the base of the Ice Harbor Dam, and a four mile section of the Yakima River, running from the confluence of the Yakima River with the Columbia River up to the I-182 Bridge. Numerous cities and towns are located on the banks of the Columbia River within the McNary Pool, including: Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington and a portion of Umatilla, Oregon.

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Interim Updates

In between plan updates, GRP strategies are tested during drills and actual spill events. The results of these tests may require changes to certain response strategies, notification strategies, staging areas, or boat launch locations. Eventually, these changes will be fully incorporated into the plan. Until that time, please use the updated strategy and information sheets below in lieu of that provided for similarly numbered locations in the published plan.


How to Comment

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or find errors in this document, submit comments online at http://www.rrt10nwac.com/Comment, email to Ecology at GRPs@ecy.wa.gov or forward your comments via U.S. Mail to the following agencies:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Office of Environmental Cleanup
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Room ECL-116
Seattle, WA 98101

Washington State Department of Ecology
Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (GRPs)
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