Grays Harbor Geographic Response Plan (GH-GRP)

Grays Harbor

The Grays Harbor estuary is approximately 13 miles across at its widest point and narrows in some places to less than 100 yards; its entrance from the Pacific Ocean is approximately 2.5 miles wide. The estuary is a drowned portion of the Chehalis River Valley, and it is continually filled in with river borne sediments as well as marine deposits. These build up as intertidal mud and sand flats, which make up the area’s predominant physical feature. The three corners of the estuary are defined by the mouth of the Chehalis River to the east, the North Bay, and the South Bay. The North Bay receives waters from the Humptulips River; South Bay draws from the Elk and Johns Rivers and numerous tributaries. The major islands of the estuary are Goose and Sand Islands in North Bay; Whitcomb, Grass, and Laidlaw Islands in South Bay; and Rennie Island near the mouth of the Chehalis River. Bowerman Basin is located on the western side of Hoquiam. It is sheltered from Grays Harbor by a large peninsula occupied by Bowerman Field Airport. Shorelines inside Grays Harbor consist primarily of marsh and sheltered tidal flats, while coastal shorelines along the Pacific Ocean west of Grays Harbor are mainly fine grained sandy beaches.

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Interim Updates

In between plan updates, GRP strategies are tested during drills and actual spill events. The results of these tests may require changes to certain response strategies, notification strategies, staging areas, or boat launch locations. Eventually, these changes will be fully incorporated into the plan. Until that time, please use the updated strategy and information sheets below in lieu of that provided for similarly numbered locations in the published plan.

No interim updates currently available

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